“You are neck and neck. If you want to win, you must fight as an animal”, Angelo Dundee (boxing coach).

The boxing ring has no corners; the boxers don’t stop for a rest between the rounds. In fact, none of them chose to come on play. This world of cockfighting is extremely curious.

Cockfighting was born more than 3000 years ago, but it wasn't until the Spanish arrival that it set foot on America.
Since then, the relation between the “galleros” and its animals has grown up a lot, so much so that the centre of the ring has become a place for the speeches of Colombian politicians in order to gain votes.

But as if sacred, lie is punished. You can hear the commonly “palabra de caballero” – word of a gentleman – or “palabra de gallero” when they bet. Nobody signs anything, nobody fills out a ticket, everyone takes everyone on trust.

Some minutes before the beginning, shouts fill the hall and the “galleros” prepare their animals with care.

The opponents come with their combs cut to avoid being disturbed in the fight, they are heavy to avoid imbalances between them, their spurs are transformed into lethal, thanks to metal ends, the feathers of their necks are cut so the spike gets on them better and finally they are kept in lockers until their time to win or die comes.

It just remains for us to know, the results of these combats that will take place along nine hours in a farm and beer smell.